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How to request corrections to data in compare tools.

How are corrections made to demographic data in the Medicare.gov compare tools?

When a provider needs to make a change to their demographic data (name, address, telephone number, services provided) they need to contact their State Survey Agency OSCAR/ASPEN Coordinator. The contact information for the OSCAR/ASPEN coordinators can be found by selecting the OSCAR/ASPEN link under the "Resources" tab in each tool. The correction process is as follows:

  1. Provider contacts the OSCAR/ASPEN Coordinator and provides corrected information.
  2. The OSCAR/ASPEN Coordinator enters the correction into the ASPEN data tool.
  3. The data are accepted and uploaded to the OSCAR database.
  4. The OSCAR database is refreshed nightly.
  5. The demographic data is refreshed during the next scheduled refresh of the tool.
Tool Refresh Occurs
Home Health Compare Third month of each quarter
Hospital Compare Third month of each quarter
Nursing Home Compare Monthly
Home Health