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How can I arrange to have my parent's Medicare statements mailed to me??

I manage my parent's business affairs and would like to have their statements and routine mailings from Medicare to be sent to my address. How can this be authorized?

You should contact the Social Security Administration at 1-800-772-1213. You have two options as to how to handle this based upon the ability of your parent to handle their affairs. 1.) If your parent is unable to manage their affairs, then you should contact the Social Security Administration and apply to be your parent's Representative Payee. This will put everything in your name for your parent. 2.) If your parent is not at the level that you need to be her representative, then you could have your parent change her address to your address; again this would need to be done by the Social Security Administration. In this situation, your parent must make the call. Social Security will not change the address based on your request alone. If you call, Social Security will ask that your parent get on the line and agree to the change or have her send in a statement that it is ok to change their address to yours.

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